Friday, September 14, 2007

Being Louis

I'm back from the beach where I tried to get a tan like Louis but mainly got a red neck because I was hunched over reading the whole time. I have already imagined all possible jokes about this, so consider this mini-blog a preemptive strike. Yes, I know. Texan. Red-neck. Funny. I get it.


P.S. Prof. Lucca (aka "Dr. Lou") is now online with us! Check the links to the right.


  1. He ( Luis) is there but inactive. what's the good of having a blog then?
    Dr. Smith, I really didn't get what I needed to do. I preferred the Blog-1, the food one. What should I do after 72 hrs? I already ate a lot of food, too much to write the ingredients, recipes and prices. Is that our homework? When should I start writing and when is the due date? If I have enough time, I'm thinking to start eating raw foods such as vegetables, salads and fruites for three days ( ha ha), so that I can write easily.

  2. **Don't Panic**

    OK. Start now. Or at 7am. Pick some time!

  3. Prof. Lou will be posting probably next week. We just set up his accout.

    Dr. J