Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Three

Day three without paper in the class and I estimated that this has saved approximately 20 sheets of paper per student already. That would be 1000 sheets saved already! But it is becoming increasingly difficult as I am now giving lots of verbal directions (how to create a blog) and demonstrating on the wall-projector in the computer lab how to do things such as navigate the web and etc. I seriously need to work on embedding links into my web-documents and whatever else I can do to get us through some of the more technical tasks of setting up the class such as how to use MSWord, how to make a blog, how to log in to Blackboard, all the “how to’s.” I am still not sure how to make the library scavenger hunt coming up “paperless.” I may have to go “low paper” instead by using a smaller font, one page per group and etc. It helps to pretend that paper is $1 a sheet. Sure, I’d pop for $5 but $25? Another good note, the students haven’t been printing either! They are actively avoiding it as well without my prompting.

Using the blogs to replace traditional journals really looks like it is going to work great. The students seem to be pretty into it and I like the pedagogical potential of the public nature of their compositions.

Still no computer in my office. Still no watch. I did buy a new flash drive, but I'm having a hard time trusting it not to go wonky. Oh well.

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