Monday, October 8, 2007

275 Pounds a Year

OK, so I and two of my students kept our trash for two days (the others opted for the food-research track) and we all weighed in at about 1 ½ pounds, give or take a few ounces. Over the course of a year that is 1.5 multiplied by 183 (1.5 pounds every two days of the 365 day year) which yields about 275 pounds a year. And that did not count all the paper memos and other items I received in that two days that was ultimately doomed for the garbage or recycling. The real number is probably more like double that amount, even with me trying to go paperless in my classes. In one week alone, I have received over 30 pages of memos and handouts at meetings! Multiplied by 72 weeks and you get 2160 sheets of printed paper even if I don’t print a thing! How many trees is that?

**Part of me wants to not think about this at all anymore. Ugh. It is just depressing.**


  1. That's a lot! How about making paper from only leaves for emergency use? In the fall leaves will be collected and paper will be made for the following year. I think we can try it. Somebody should take initiative to save the trees.

    That day I was working on my computer. It was so hot. I was sweating. It was night; so, the bulb, computer, kitchen stove all made the living room uncomfortably hot though the outside weather was pretty convenient at that time. I was thinking about adding this heat. One side we are cutting trees, which increase the ozone layer, other side we are adding heat to add to the global warming; basically we are hastening to destruction of this earth. If we plant more trees, the ozone layers is not going to increase, but whatever is created is it going to be reduced anyway? If not, then we should try to decrease the heat use.
    More fire, more light, more power use = more heat which will still add to global warming.

    We should take other necessary steps too while we plant more trees rather than cutting them.


  3. Could we use leaves for paper? I never thought of that. Would it work?