Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Class and Tiny News 2

I had the idea for class that rather than giving a PowerPoint on argument terminology and expecting the students to take notes (as if!) that I would have them create PowerPoints explaining the basic terminology for argument/rhetoric in their own words. This had the added bonus of being both paperless and of helping them with basic PowerPoint which they need for their Media presentation in a few weeks. And, of course, they have their own Ppt and the rest of the classes (as we posted them to our class site) to study by.

So, in unrelated news, I have been using my phone for Tiny News. I was originally underwhelmed but am kind of getting the hang of it. Of course, my "subway" (the N/W and 7) is entirely above ground so I do not lose signal, but the load times are slow. However, I am slowly learning the tricks to see what I want (international, national, local, and technology) and skip the rest. I think I might be getting carpal-thumb, but I am a bit of a hypochondriac, so maybe not.

In other news, I have started keeping my 24hour bag of trash. I thought this would be really easy since I have "reduced" my impact already, but I had a LOT of junk mail and bills today (bastards!) as well as TWO amazon.com deliveries so I have a lot of paper and cardboard waste. Everything goes into the bag. I need to go totally paperless on the bills. Maybe next month, eh?

I am considering the fact that I will waste less energy overall if I replace MMORPGs with other types of games where I have to meet (gasp) real people in person. Just a thought.

And that's all for now.

Dr. J


  1. You can sign up for paperless billing! I mean online billing. It doesn't save only papers sometimes it saves money too. For example, 41c per envelop are saved and also some company has special offer for $1 reduction from each bill for someone who sign up for online billing, e.g. ConEd. This saves money, times, garbage bag (doesn’t it? more paper more garbage bag!) and effort.

  2. That is next on my list. I already pay all my bills via the internet so, hopefully, the paperless billing will be easy! I had to add bills to my bag yesterday. :(