Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks for the comments--

Hi all!

Mary--The dish like this is pretty fatty. To reduce cholesterol, I would drop the egg (or at least the yolks)and add other vegetables. There is also a ground meat version that is essentially stuffed meatloaf cooked in a loaf pan. We use a lamb and beef mix which has less choloesterol. We actually used slices of Matambre for sandwiches. (The picture is off of the web, so those are not my napkins.)

I will have to try that Argie restaurant!!


  1. don't be mean Doc. i kno how to say research and the museum was great c u 2sday meany

  2. LOL-- Sorry! Just being sure you are still alive anbd all.

  3. Dr. Smith,
    Would you please write a shoet summary of the book you are reading now? I mean Richard Leakey's 'Origins Reconsidered,
    In search of what makes us Human'. you don't need to write if the book doesn't have any useful information . If so, just leave a message that the book wasn't enough informative.