Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Waste Paper Count

As of today, I have used the following in all of my classes:

7 new pieces of printer paper.
25 pieces of re-used paper (printed on second side)
27 Blue Composition Books (due to a scheduling problem, I had to have my LIB 200 students write in class) Unfortuantly, the blue books also have to go in my bag o' trash as they are destined, ultimately, for the waste bin. *sigh*

My composition class is still very close to paperless. I have had them take some notes on paper and handed out the one library assignment (5 groups with on esheet each) but, otherwise, am getting to the point where we could almost go without paper altogether!


  1. Don't sigh. Enroll LIB 200 students in paperless class too.

    It was terrible in the beginning. Now it's pretty easy for me. After I saw the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" it helped me a lot to think that we are doing at least minimum to keep a green environment. I think everybody should see the movie.

  2. Dr. Smith,
    Won't you help Dr. Luis fixing his blog? Every time i try find find nothing in his blog. Fix it or change the name for the link. "Dr. Lou's Blog" should be changed to 'Dr. Lou's Bogus'.

  3. LOL. I will try and help him on Tuesday. Dr. J