Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This week we will be working with An Inconvenient Truth and our trip to the American Museum of Natural History to research a bit further on global warming. This week's blog has three parts:

1) Report-out on the infomation you found at the museum and your overall experience there.
2) Make connections between what you saw at the museum and the film An Inconvenient Truth. Which did you find more believeable, the film or the Museum. Why?
3) Make connections (or observations) between the film, the museum, our readings so far, and the theme of the cluster: Truth, Lies, and Videotape. It might help to think of the museum as type of "media."
In addition to the listed questions, you, alone, or with your group, should spend some time exploring the AMNH and considering how this museum (and museums in general) are not really nature, but media. I would like to see in your blog some commentary on how nature is transformed into media. What are the processes by which humans “denaturalize” nature and then “renaturalize” it for consumption. HINT: Use your dictionary to look up “de-,” “re-,” “naturalize,” or “nature,” and “-ize” as necessary.

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