Thursday, December 10, 2009

Final Days



**MISSING FINALS: John (upload to blog), Gianina (email me). I need the links and/or hard-copies ASAP.

TH 12/10 Course Evaluation / Final Project Evaluations
M  12/14 Final Project Evaluations DUE 1:00 (after Media)
T   12/15 Last Class: Last Day to turn in materials/rewrites and question grades.
W 12/16 No Class: Final Grades posted.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Essay 6: FINAL

This is an open-note, open book essay. You may use your notes, ask questions (as long as they do not distract your fellow writers), and look up terms.

As always, you must properly indicate where any and all information you use comes from. To cite a quote properly, you should use quotation marks, the author’s last name and the page number. For example, if I were to quote from an article on race and The Matrix, I would write something like this: as King and Leonard argue “People of color possess particular physical characteristics through which viewers read their race; they do not, however, possess racial identities, grounded in history or community” (36).

Remember: Your primary goal for an in-class essay test is in all cases is to demonstrate an active engagement with the material of the course(s).  Support you argument with specific details and examples from our readings in the cluster, our films and videos, and (if the prompt does not indicate otherwise) your own unique personal knowledge.

  1. I live in the Matrix—In Me++, William Mitchell defines contemporary life, and particularly urban life, as being defined by a series of networks and that these networks are potentially vulnerable. As he writes, “Traditionally, there was safety in numbers and in surrounding walls. Now urban security and resilience are grounded in patterns of connectivity.” Using any terms or theories you see fit, describe your networked life. Support your argument with specific details and examples from our readings in the cluster, our films (The Matrix, The Truman Show, Sleep Dealer and etc.) and your own unique personal knowledge.
  2. Sleep Dealer is obviously influenced by The Matrix (among other films). What connections do you see to The Matrix and like films? What differences do you see? What do these differences say about issues of race (i.e. Sleep Dealer is ostensibly a Mexican production--What elements or themes in the film mark it as “particularly Latino” or “particularly Mexican”?  What does Sleep Dealer have to say about the rural life versus urban life?
  3. Penis Envy—the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud argues that all women go through a period where they recognize that little boys have a penis and they do not. They also recognize, based on the roles of “mommy” and “daddy”, that men have more “power” than women. From this observation, according the Freud, girls begin to “envy” the fact that boys and men have a penis that leads to power. They then desire a penis of their own, but the only way they can have one in real life is to a) possess or control their father, b) possess or control a male mate, or c) have a male child to possess and control, or c) buy a lot of guns of their own and blow shit up (OK, that last one was not exactly Freud, but he would have said it if he was alive today). Considering the films that you have seen in the cluster and (not “or”) drawing on your own experience of films, television, and life in general does Hollywood portray women as suffering from “penis envy”?
 You should post your essay to your class blog with the title ESSAY 6 and submit TWO hard-copies to Dr. Smith's box in E103.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Schedule: End of Days


Th 12/3 Me++ Chapter 11: Essay 6 In-class (Over all films, readings, and Me++): NO REWRITE

T 12/8 **NO CLASS** Evening Schedule Only

W 12/9 **NO CLASS**Monday Schedule—We will not meet

Th 12/10 Last Day of Classes. Media Final DUE. Media Final Evaluations.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sleep Dealer (and X-tra Credit)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Rheuban is out today (12/1). You will not meet as a class, though she will be on campus around 2:00p for anyone who needs to see her. She says “8 students are scheduled to do their presentations in class tomorrow.  They know who they are.  Would you please tell them that I'm rescheduling them to this Thursday, Dec 3.  When I meet them on Thursday, I'll reschedule those remaining students who are scheduled to present on the 3rd and the 10th.” Be prepared to present on THURS!

BLOG 11: Extra Credit: Museum of the Moving Image (25 points possible, not guaranteed)

Consider the trip to the Museum of the Moving Image. For suture class trips what would make the visit more useful for this cluster. When, do you think, in the semester would be the best time to go to the Museum? What exhibits or activities make the most sense for students to spend time on?

BLOG 12: Extra Credit: Sleep Dealer (25 points possible, not guaranteed)

Write a blog considering any or all of the following questions:

Sleep Dealer is ostensibly a Mexican production. What elements or themes in the film mark it as “particularly Latino” or “particularly Mexican”?

Sleep Dealer is obviously influenced by The Matrix (among other films). What connections do you see to The Matrix and like films? What differences do you see? What do these differences say about issues of race? What about rural vs. urban life?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



T 12/1 Film (Sleep Dealer)
W 12/2 Media Final Review (Show and tell)
Th 12/3 Me++ Chapter 11; Essay 6 In-class (Over all films, readings, and Me++): NO REWRITE

T 12/8     **NO CLASS** Evening Schedule Only
W 12/9    **NO CLASS**Monday Schedule—We will not meet
Th 12/10 Last Day of Classes. Media Final DUE (End of Class)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Museum of the Moving Image 25 November 11:00

We will meet at the Museum of the Moving Image on the 25th of November for a guided tour starting at 11:00. The cost will be $4 each. The visit is required. Specific directions on how to get there to follow. Here is the link:


Th 11/19 Workshop Media Final

T 11/24 Me++ Chapters 4-6 / Workshop
W 11/25 Field Trip TBA
Th 11/26 No Classes
T 12/1 Film (Sleep Dealer)
W 12/2 Media Final Review (Show and tell)
Th 12/3 Me++ Chapter 11; Essay 6 In-class (Over all films, readings, and Me++): NO REWRITE

T 12/8 Workshop / media Final DUE for evaluation
W 12/9 Monday Schedule—We will not meet
Th 12/10 Last Day of Classes

Field Trip: TBA
Media Final Presentations

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notes for Spring I: Suggestions?

These are just ideas I am having on how to adjust the course for Spring I. Feel free to give me suggestions!

1. Strict deadlines for blogs. No makeups.
2. Adjust the order: Matrix, Plato, Plato Essay/Culture, Truman, Matrix Book, Matrix, Sleep Dealer(?)
3. Blogs used for posting all essays as well (no hard-copies)?
4. Essay 5 will become a research narrative--on the blog--for everyone, regardless of Media Final project
5. IC Essays Rewrite/Low Pass (75)/Pass (85)/High Pass (100)
6. Text Responses (x10) 200, Diagnostic 0, Formal Writing 2-3 200, Media Mid-term Process 100/Product 100, Media Final Process 100/Product 100, Tests 200, Final Pass/Fail
7. For all procces grades, hand out tokens (poker chips) which are redeemed at the end.
8. Blogs: Have everyone add the "Poll" function with the question "How am I doing?" and a scale 1-10. Bi-weekly scores based on the poll which is answered by classmates and me. 20 points for posting on time and of length, up to 20 points for the Poll.

RESEARCH BLOG: Graded 12 times (weekly) for 50 points each (600)--Each blog will be called "Entry 1: Subtitle" so an "essay" would be something like "Entry 9: Research 5". Blog entries may be revised and re-tagged with the addition "(Revised 11/14)" for rewrites and etc.
Deadline 10, Clarity 10, Appropriateness 10, Engagement with Material 10, Engagement with Peers 10
MLA Test 100
ONLINE Research Test 100
ARCHIVE research Test 100

Ask Louis about making the Mid-term a presentation about being "jacked in". "I am a cyborg" or some such.

Wokshop 18 November

Task 1: Complete blogs as assigned (see below)
Task 2: Work on your final project.
Task 3: Get back to work on your final project.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Workshop for Tuesday November 17

Task 1: Complete Blog 9 (see below)
Task 2: Complete Blog 10 (see below)
Task 3: Post the link to your research blog on your home blog and as a REPLY to this message.
Task 4: Work on your Research Project and update your Research Blog.

We will meet back in the classroom at 11:00!

Come Wednesday prepared to work and share your work to date with your classmates!

A Youtube Video to help with using sources!

Monday, November 16, 2009

This Week

11/17--Research and Writing / Blog 10
11/18--Responding to ENG099 /Research and Writing / LIB110: meets with Dr. Rheuban
11/19--Field Trip? TBA

Blog 10: "Digital Writer" Response and Reflection (DUE 12/17 11:20a)

For this blog entry I would like you to visit the blogs for my 103 "Digital Writer" class (follow the "Virtual Minds" link then the "Digital Writer" link. They are finishing their final research projects which have some similarities to your own. You may find their drafts in Blog 8. These students are farther along in their projects than you are, so I would like you to help them along by responding to several students paying particular attention to "problems" they may be having. SPECIFICALLY LOOK FOR ACCIDENTAL PLAGIARISM. Offer advice, a suggestion, and encouragement. Afterward, reflect back on your own writing process this semester and your draft in progress and report out here to your blog on the types of issues that research writers seem to face. What are the major issues and difficulties? How are they resolved?

**The 103 class will also be responding to you!**

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Workshop 11/12/09

Following class discussion on Me++ chapters 1-3, you should be working on your final research project and have demonstrable evidence as to progress during class time. By 11:30 you should post a blog entitled "Workshop 11/12/09" where you describe what you accomplished during the lab time, what you will be working on for homework, and what you hope to accomplish by Tuesday. POST SOMETHING REGARDLESS: If you are keeping a separate research blog you may simply indicate in the post on your class blog that we should see your research blog for the update. Be sure the link to your research blog is on your class blog. I will be checking for updates after 11:30.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Schedule Update: End of Days

**See below for Blog 8 and Essay 5 assignment**

M 11/11 Media Event—We will not meet as a class.
T 11/12 Me++ Chapters 1-3

T 11/17 Workshop
W 11/18 Workshop
Th 11/19 Me++ Chapters 4 & 6

T 11/24 Me++ Chapter 11
W 11/25 Field Trip TBA
Th 11/26 No Classes

T 12/1 Film TBA (Existenz?)
W 12/2 Essay 5 Draft Due for Workshop
Th 12/3 Essay 6 In-class (Over all films, readings, and Me++): NO REWRITE

T 12/8 Workshop / Essay 5 DUE for evaluation
W 12/9 Monday Schedule—We will not meet
Th 12/10 Last Day of Classes / Essay 5 Rewrites

Field Trip: TBA
Media Final Presentations

Blog 9: Research Project / Media Final

For this blog, you should pre-write ideas for the 103 Research project and Media Final. The options are listed below. Before you begin, I would strongly suggest you review the projects in my other 103 class. You may find the links at my home blog,

The Assignment
All options detailed will result in written work of approximately 2500 words (or ten, typed, double-spaced pages not counting bibliography or Works Cited pages) which is based in verifiable, authoritative sources that have been viewed and approved by Dr. Smith and your classmates. The number and type of sources, and how they are cited, will vary based on the option chosen and the subject matter, but five confirmed and approved sources (including interviews) should be considered the absolute minimum.

Option 1: Wikipedia
For this assignment, you will be researching and writing an article for Wikipedia (or an approved subject-specific wiki). You may research and write on any subject that has either a “short” entry, a “stub” entry, no entry at all. However, all topics must be appropriate to Wikipedia and will be approved by Dr, Smith and your classmates. Examples of entries: Short Article—minimal coverage of the subject. This subject may be used for the assignment after Dr. Smith views the page and approves it (see, for example, The New Zoo Review ). Some short articles may not be appropriate for expansion unless you are a certified expert (see, for example, “Dutch Kills, Queens”). Stub—This subject should be fine for expansion into a full article if approved (see, for example, “Dusty’s Treehouse”). No entry—This subject is fine for the assignment if approved. If you are choosing to write on a person or place, either should be of significant importance to justify a full article. You must join Wikipedia. The research style for the article will be the one used by Wikipedia.You may use the “beta” version (a simpler html format) if you like. Wikipedia Tutorial:

Option 2: Webzine Article
You may also opt to write a magazine style “long feature” piece like those in Literary Journalism for a specific webzine (online magazine) that accepts outside submissions. You must show Dr. Smith and the class the webzine you are going to write for and explain in detail their submission policies and procedures before the topic and the venue (the webzine) will be approved. The format of the essay will be APA endnote style saved as a webpage unless otherwise indicated by your venue.

Option 3: Online Research Site
For this option you may develop a research blog (make a new blog here on Blogger or elsewhere), a research Wiki or your own devoted to a particular subject of interest, or a full-blown website or startpage (like on Netvibes). I and the other students in the class must agree to your project and that it fits the requirements of the course. The text limit must still be met. If you are making a film or video, this option could be used to develop a research blog devoted to the production of your film. You should keep daily logs of what you have done, what you need to do, and what you plan to do. Include every type of research you do including talking to people, reading manuals, looking at Youtube videos, and etc.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WEEK EIGHT announcements

Task 1: MLA test (closes today, 5pm). Be sure to "Submit" not just "Save."

Task 2: Finish Blog 7 (DUE 11/03)

Task 3: Read and annotate Me++ pages 7-17; pay particular attention to the sections entitled "Boundaries", "Connections", "Networks", and "Clocks".

Task 4: Write Blog 8 (see below and on the class blog for the directions: DUE 11/04)

Task 5: Review class blogs in ENG 103 (you may find the link on my home blog "Virtual Minds" ( in preparation for Essay 5: Research II. Survey what your peers in English 103 are doing for their projects. Be prepared to discuss projects you find particularly interesting or problematic. You will have a similar assignment style but with a particular focus on the theme of this class.

Task 6: Read Me++ 19-35 "Connecting Creatures" for Thursday.

Blog 8: Me++ 7-17 (DUE 11/04) Bring a hard-copy to class Wed.!

Human society has moved from wandering tribes of close-knit family units to city states defined by literal walls to nation-states with geographical boundaries to what we now think of as a "global citizenry". First, describe what physical boundaries define you as a person. Start with your own skin and work your way outwards. Second, define what connections and networks penetrate those boundaries. How and when do you access the "networks" of information and goods in your life? Finally, what time structures (schedules, devices, work, etc.) dictate the regularity of your every day existence.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BLOG 7: Essay 4 Reflection

For this blog entry, I would like you to reflect on the research and writing process and narrate (tell the story of) how you got the Essay 4: Media Mid-term paper and PowerPoint completed. What was the process? If you had a “do-over” what would you do the same? What would you do differently? Finally, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your effort? On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the final product?

PHOTO by Michelle Burgess from

Week Seven (Announcements copied from Blackboard)

Task 1: Go to, click the "099" link and read and respond to 4 students' "Blog 6" on the Truman show.
Task 2: Complete the full draft of Essay 4: Media Mid-term and submit to Blackboard in the Workshop as indicated.
Task 3: Complete the PowerPoint for Essay 4 and Submit to the workshop as indicated.
Task 4: Complete the MLA Test in the Assignments folder (closes 3 Nov.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog 6: The Truman Show (DUE 10/26)

For Blog 6: Consider the following questions on The Truman Show and write a blog of about 500 words addressing the question or questions that interest you most.

1. What is are the similarities and difference between Truman’s life in Seahaven and a reality TV show like “The Bachelor”, “Survivor”, or “The Real World”?

2. Throughout the film, there are shameless advertisements and product placements presented as part of Truman’s life. Is it moral to use Truman’s life as a means to monetary gain?

3. During an interview, Christof states the following: "I have given Truman the chance to lead a normal life. The world, the place you live in, is the sick place. Seahaven is the way the world should be." Is Christof correct? What, if any, would be the benefits of living in Seahaven as opposed to the real world?

4. As Truman begins to piece together the falsity of the world that surrounds him, his view of Seahaven is radically altered. He starts to question and analyze all that he encounters. Can you think of a parallel in your own life that has changed the way you process the world?

5. In what ways are Christof and the television network similar to God? In what respects do they differ?

6. When speaking of Truman, Christof states: "He could leave at any time. If this were anything more than a vague ambition, if he was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there is no way we could prevent him." Truman eventually does discover the true nature of his reality despite the strong efforts of Christof and the network. What does Truman’s triumph have to say about the roll of free will in our lives?

7. Consider yourself in Truman’s position. If presented with the choice to remain in Seahaven, a place where you have been promised that “you have nothing to fear”, or to enter into another world that you know little or nothing about, which would you choose?

8. When Truman finally exits Seahaven, what do you think it is that he expects to find on the other side of the door?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog 5: The Matrix, 87-98

In "Fate, Freedom, and Foreknowledge", Schick explores the possibility of the existence of freewill both inside the Matrix program and, more broadly in Neo's life. Do you think your life is determined by a special, individual fate, or are you free to choose as you wish? Use your own life as the basis and compare to both the Matrix film and at least one of the philosophical positions Schick explores.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blog 4: Metaphysics (PATM 55-65; Due 10/16)

"The Metaphysics of the Matrix" (55-65)--"Metaphysics" is the study of what is real and what is knowable; the term "Meta" meaning "overarching" or "all inclusive" and "physics" meaning "the study of reality". At the very simplest, then, metaphisicists try to come up with a system (a metaphysics) that explains the world that we live in and how we experience that world--how we know what is "real" from what is "imaginary". On pages 61 and 62, Gracia and Sanford us the terms "source" and "ontological status" to make distinctions that allow them to claim that the world in the Matrix is "unreal" and the world outside of the Matrix (outside of the program) is the "real world". What they heck do they mean by "source" and "ontological status"? Using whatever sources you see fit (though tell us where you looked!) come to an understanding as to what these terms mean, define these terms in your own words, and then tell us whether or not you agree with Gracia and Sanford's assessment.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog 3: Philosophy and Reality (Due 10/6)

Our readings this week focused on the the nature of reality and how it is possible to "know" that what we think of as reality is, in fact, real. Pick any TWO of our our readings in "Scene 1" (the first section of our book) and compare what they are saying about reality and The Matrix. You may choose to focus on a single issue that interests you (for example, could we be living in the Matrix?) or something you found particularly new or confusing (such as a philosophers use of particular words). As usual, when you are finished, take time to respond to classmates (at least three). The more you respond, the more responses you get!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Notes from Class

God / Angel / Mary / Jesus
Apollo / Oracle / Chaeraphon / Socrates
? / Oracle / Morpheus / Neo

Cypher / Judas
Smith / Devil
Tests / Temptations

Blog 2: Matrix Review

For the second blog, write a response (250-500 word) to The Matrix. You may use any of the readings or anything else you know (other films and etc.) to frame your ideas. You may discuss one or two themes or ideas you saw, read about, or that we discussed in class. You may ask questions that you would like to find the answers to, or anything else that you think of related to the film as long as you do not summarize the plot (except, perhaps, to illustrate a broader point). Be sure to read and respond to classmates' posts that you find interesting! You must respond, as always, to a minimum of 3 classmates, but feel free to be prolific. The more you repond to others, the more responses you will get!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Apoc Question

Though I have not yet found outside verification, the theory (was it Kimberly or Demetria?) that the "Apoc" was short for "Apocalypse" would seem to be correct as Apoc was supposedly famous, according to Wikia Entertainment ( for writing a virus called "The Four Horsemen" as in "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". I have not verified this in the film and do not know where Wikia got that information. According to Wikipedia, there was also a famous club in Berlin called "The Matrix" that featured a mural of "The Four Horsemen" holding musical instruments that might have been painted by the members of the band Jefferson Airplane, later called Jefferson Starship(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog 1

After you have completed the reading in Wikipedia as assigned ("The Allegory of the Cave") Imagine that you are in the Socrates' cave. At what stage are you? Still chained? Walking out into the light? How do you know where you are? What evidence in your life supports your claim that you are where you are? Please write about 250 words on this subject and post it to your blog as "Blog 1". You should post this blog on YOUR blog site, not as a response here.

Week One!

Welcome to the Living in the Matrix class blog! Here I will be posting all sorts of things that I am thinking about as the semester progresses as well as your blog assignments. If you see something interesting please leave me a comment! Also, feel free to explore what my other classes are doing by taking the link back to the "Game Nation" home blog (

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming Fall I, 2009!

ENG101.2611: This course is part of the Media for the Masses Cluster: FRE200.2610.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Notes for the Fall

Here is the "to do list" for Fall:

Standardized, Self-grading Quizzes (Syllabus, Handbook, MLA, Big Scavenger Hunt)
Rewrite Media Mid-term to fit Concepts from the Matrix?
Media Final will be a shirt film (5-7m) with Script and Credits
Trips: 5Points/PS1
Films: Truman, Matrix, Sim0ne, Eternal Sunshine
Scavenger Hunt (Homework): NYPL-H, NYPL-PA, MOMI
Request M301 for use of Cameras

More to come . . . .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of Days!!

May 26: Workshop / Writing (Last fully “open” Workshop) / Blogs closed
May 27: PowerPoints, Websites, and Films (show and critique)
May 28: PowerPoints, Websites, and Films (show and critique)

June 2: Final Prep / Rewrites / Course Evals / ePortfolio Submission
June 3: Final Essay (in-class). We WILL meet 1:30-12:30 and 1:00-2:00.
June 4: Class does not meet. Conferences by request.

June 8: Presentations / Project DUE.
June 10: Movie and Lunch Day
June 15: Presentations / Final Grades Posted

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog 10: AMNH

For your final graded blog this semester, pick ONE form of media (internet, television, film, novel, etc.) and compare it to ONE 1) installation, setting, scene at the AMNH, the whole room that setting is in, and the museum as a whole. For example, I might write about the Tyrannosaurus Rex installation and the Sauriscian Dinosaurs Exhibit and the AMNH as being set up like a chat room. There are "rooms", "posts", interactions, and discussions, etc.

Notes for Next Semester

Here are some things I would like to do for the Fall:

1. Move Essay 2 to AFTER the Media mid-term and have a draft of the mid-term due in Week 3.
2. Order the books Philosophy and the Matrix and Me++.
3. Redeploy the Syllabus test.
4. Redeploy the MLA/Handbook test.
5. Add a series of short auto-grade quizzes related to readings, assignments, and skills (kill the skills sheet). OR one big honking auto-grade test that can be repeated (questions and answers randomized).
6. Trips early in the semester: NYPL-Humanities, NYPL-Perf. Art., MOMI (perhaps for a movie), Times Square. Perhaps structure these along with "homework" trips as problem solving, scavenger hunt activities related to the theme (tied to big honking test).
7. Movies/TV (in order): Truman Show (with the Allegory of the Cave", The Matrix, and maybe SimOne (assuming I get my computer labs as requested).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog 9: New York Performing Arts Library

For this blog, you should report-out your experience at the New York Performing Arts Library. What was hot? What not? Your blog may take the form of a narrative or it may be topical.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blog 8.5: A Vision of Students Today

Watch the short video "A Vision of Students Today" (Documents folder). Write a blog in response to the video. What is the main "argument" of the video? Do you agree? Why or why not?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog 8: Sim0ne & the American Dream

As one of the “Virtual Reality” themed movies that have been popular over the last 20 years, Sim0ne has some interesting connections to films like Tron, The Matrix, Open your Eyes (Vanilla Sky), The Truman Show, and a wide range of televisions shows (including Star Trek, Farscape, reality TV, and, more recently, Lost, to name a few). However, there are some significant differences between most other “VR” shows and Sim0ne and we might even say that Sim0ne serves as a commentary on “VR” films in general. As one advertisement for Tron promised “The Future is Now”. In what ways does Sim0ne comment on our “now”? What is the film trying to say about Western/American culture? What about the psychology of people who live in that culture? What is it trying to say about Hollywood as emblematic of the “American Dream”?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog 7: Research

After completing your initial background research into your topics of choice, use what you have found so far to begin exploring ideas for your research project. This should take the form of a 250-500 word journal entry (not simply a list). What are the topics you might want to write about? Why? What "controversies" or "issues" inform your topic? What do you already know and what have you found so far (on the web). You may also want to begin outlining. Please see the “Writer’s Life” class blog for some ideas on how to precede.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Library Order

NOTE to SELF: Place a library order for e-books and books on The Matrix.

NOTE: Book Order for Fall 09

Note: Possible book order for Fall I 09.

Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation
Mitchell, e-topia

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog 6: The Uncanny and the Shadow

Blog 6 is to post a response to the readings "The Uncanny" by Sigmund Freud and "The Shadow" by C.G. Jung. Making connections between the readings and the theme(s) of the course is the thing to do!

Blog 3: Virtual Cinema

Based on our class discussion of themes in the Matrix and the viewing of the Star Trek episode "The Royale" and the Farscape Episode "A Human Reaction", write 500 words in your blog on a particular theme, cinematic element, symbol, or etc. that interests you in our materials do far. You may, as always, reference films and readings from your other classes or your own experience.

Blog 4: Pre-writing for the 103 Project

For the fourth blog, I would like you to do some initial thinking about a potential 103 research project which will be due at the end of the semester. Start by listing your interests and thinking about things you might like to learn more about and share with the class. Your subject should be about some aspect of media, though this is obviously a VERY large topic and you can use ANY of the cluster classes to get ideas. You can look at my blog for my own pre-writing on my topic (and/or the Writer's Life class that is already working on their projects).

Blog 5: Abre los Ojos (Open your Eyes)

Movie. Themes. Figure it out. ;) *Have a great and safe Spring Break!*

Blog 1: About Me

For the first blog, post a brief (100-250 word) "About Me" on your class blog.

Blog 2: The Matrix

For the second blog, write a response (250-500 word) to The Matrix. You may use any of the readings or anything else you know (other films and etc.) to frame your ideas. You may discuss one or two themes or ideas you saw or read about, ask questions that you would like to find the answers to, or anything else as long as you do not summarize the plot except to illustrate a point. Be sure to read and respond to classmates' posts that you find interesting!

Under Construction

TBA. I am having some trouble with the rss feed option. No idea why. this blog should be up soon.