Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog 8: Sim0ne & the American Dream

As one of the “Virtual Reality” themed movies that have been popular over the last 20 years, Sim0ne has some interesting connections to films like Tron, The Matrix, Open your Eyes (Vanilla Sky), The Truman Show, and a wide range of televisions shows (including Star Trek, Farscape, reality TV, and, more recently, Lost, to name a few). However, there are some significant differences between most other “VR” shows and Sim0ne and we might even say that Sim0ne serves as a commentary on “VR” films in general. As one advertisement for Tron promised “The Future is Now”. In what ways does Sim0ne comment on our “now”? What is the film trying to say about Western/American culture? What about the psychology of people who live in that culture? What is it trying to say about Hollywood as emblematic of the “American Dream”?

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