Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Notes for Next Semester

Here are some things I would like to do for the Fall:

1. Move Essay 2 to AFTER the Media mid-term and have a draft of the mid-term due in Week 3.
2. Order the books Philosophy and the Matrix and Me++.
3. Redeploy the Syllabus test.
4. Redeploy the MLA/Handbook test.
5. Add a series of short auto-grade quizzes related to readings, assignments, and skills (kill the skills sheet). OR one big honking auto-grade test that can be repeated (questions and answers randomized).
6. Trips early in the semester: NYPL-Humanities, NYPL-Perf. Art., MOMI (perhaps for a movie), Times Square. Perhaps structure these along with "homework" trips as problem solving, scavenger hunt activities related to the theme (tied to big honking test).
7. Movies/TV (in order): Truman Show (with the Allegory of the Cave", The Matrix, and maybe SimOne (assuming I get my computer labs as requested).

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