Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog 2: Matrix Review

For the second blog, write a response (250-500 word) to The Matrix. You may use any of the readings or anything else you know (other films and etc.) to frame your ideas. You may discuss one or two themes or ideas you saw, read about, or that we discussed in class. You may ask questions that you would like to find the answers to, or anything else that you think of related to the film as long as you do not summarize the plot (except, perhaps, to illustrate a broader point). Be sure to read and respond to classmates' posts that you find interesting! You must respond, as always, to a minimum of 3 classmates, but feel free to be prolific. The more you repond to others, the more responses you will get!

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  1. Revision: My blog entries require quite a lot of context (form class and from the syllabus) and technical support (blogger and etc.). To facilitate this process, I could build more of the context and process into the assignment itself.

    Revise to include more context (i.e. evaluation criterea, deadlines, and etc, from the syllabus.