Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog 10: "Digital Writer" Response and Reflection (DUE 12/17 11:20a)

For this blog entry I would like you to visit the blogs for my 103 "Digital Writer" class (follow the "Virtual Minds" link then the "Digital Writer" link. They are finishing their final research projects which have some similarities to your own. You may find their drafts in Blog 8. These students are farther along in their projects than you are, so I would like you to help them along by responding to several students paying particular attention to "problems" they may be having. SPECIFICALLY LOOK FOR ACCIDENTAL PLAGIARISM. Offer advice, a suggestion, and encouragement. Afterward, reflect back on your own writing process this semester and your draft in progress and report out here to your blog on the types of issues that research writers seem to face. What are the major issues and difficulties? How are they resolved?

**The 103 class will also be responding to you!**

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