Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notes for Spring I: Suggestions?

These are just ideas I am having on how to adjust the course for Spring I. Feel free to give me suggestions!

1. Strict deadlines for blogs. No makeups.
2. Adjust the order: Matrix, Plato, Plato Essay/Culture, Truman, Matrix Book, Matrix, Sleep Dealer(?)
3. Blogs used for posting all essays as well (no hard-copies)?
4. Essay 5 will become a research narrative--on the blog--for everyone, regardless of Media Final project
5. IC Essays Rewrite/Low Pass (75)/Pass (85)/High Pass (100)
6. Text Responses (x10) 200, Diagnostic 0, Formal Writing 2-3 200, Media Mid-term Process 100/Product 100, Media Final Process 100/Product 100, Tests 200, Final Pass/Fail
7. For all procces grades, hand out tokens (poker chips) which are redeemed at the end.
8. Blogs: Have everyone add the "Poll" function with the question "How am I doing?" and a scale 1-10. Bi-weekly scores based on the poll which is answered by classmates and me. 20 points for posting on time and of length, up to 20 points for the Poll.

RESEARCH BLOG: Graded 12 times (weekly) for 50 points each (600)--Each blog will be called "Entry 1: Subtitle" so an "essay" would be something like "Entry 9: Research 5". Blog entries may be revised and re-tagged with the addition "(Revised 11/14)" for rewrites and etc.
Deadline 10, Clarity 10, Appropriateness 10, Engagement with Material 10, Engagement with Peers 10
MLA Test 100
ONLINE Research Test 100
ARCHIVE research Test 100

Ask Louis about making the Mid-term a presentation about being "jacked in". "I am a cyborg" or some such.

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