Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sleep Dealer (and X-tra Credit)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Rheuban is out today (12/1). You will not meet as a class, though she will be on campus around 2:00p for anyone who needs to see her. She says “8 students are scheduled to do their presentations in class tomorrow.  They know who they are.  Would you please tell them that I'm rescheduling them to this Thursday, Dec 3.  When I meet them on Thursday, I'll reschedule those remaining students who are scheduled to present on the 3rd and the 10th.” Be prepared to present on THURS!

BLOG 11: Extra Credit: Museum of the Moving Image (25 points possible, not guaranteed)

Consider the trip to the Museum of the Moving Image. For suture class trips what would make the visit more useful for this cluster. When, do you think, in the semester would be the best time to go to the Museum? What exhibits or activities make the most sense for students to spend time on?

BLOG 12: Extra Credit: Sleep Dealer (25 points possible, not guaranteed)

Write a blog considering any or all of the following questions:

Sleep Dealer is ostensibly a Mexican production. What elements or themes in the film mark it as “particularly Latino” or “particularly Mexican”?

Sleep Dealer is obviously influenced by The Matrix (among other films). What connections do you see to The Matrix and like films? What differences do you see? What do these differences say about issues of race? What about rural vs. urban life?

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