Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog 1 / Essay 1: Cyborg

Today you will be writing your first blog which will serve as a diagnostic essay, but rather than just jumping right is, we are going to do some pre-writing first, which means that before you try and write and “essay” it is always a good idea to get some ideas down on paper first without the pressure of having to worry about paragraphs, sentence structure, thesis statements, conclusions and those other things that make up an “essay.”

Step 1: Terms (5 minutes)

What do you think of when you hear the following terms? What would a dictionary say they are (this is called “denotation”). What else do these words seem to mean (this is called “connotation”)? What do they have to do with one another?

1.   Tool
2.   Technology
3.   Technique
4.   Discipline
5.   Media
6.   Cyborg

Step 2: Listing (5 minutes)

What technologies define your daily life? Make a list of electronic devices that you use every day (include anything, personal or public, that interfaces with a computer: i.e. cell phones, Metro Cards, credit cards, and etc.). How often/much do you use them? What do you use them for? What might your life be without them?

Step 3: In Groups (10 minutes)

Discuss you list with your group (2-4 persons, no exceptions). Help one another refine the list and get new ideas.

Step 4: Blog (50 Minutes)

This will be your first blog entry. Please title your entry either “Blog 1: I am a Cyborg” or “I am not a Cyborg” and then write a short essay where you prove to myself and your classmates that you either are or are not a cyborg. Start by giving your own definition of what a “cyborg” is and then use evidence from your own life and experience to support your claims. Be as detailed as possible. This essay will not be graded, however, I will use it as the basis for designing your program of study and we will be sharing this essay with the rest of the class so please do the best job you can.

Step 5: Post your Link
When you have finished posting your first blog, copy the web address of your blog and post it as a comment to this blog entry along with your name.

Step 6: Link to Me
Add a link on your blog back to this one by clicking "Customize" on your blog and then "Add a gadget" and then "Blog List" then "Add". Cut and paste my blog address into the window and save.  

Step 7: Homework
Read "Allegory of the Cave" on Wikipedia (see the link on the right) for Wed. Bring a hard-copy or e-copy with you. Allegory of the Cave


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