Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog 2: Allegory of the Cave (Day 2)

For your second blog entry this semester, I would like you to go to and search "allegory of the cave". Read the article and then summarize it--in your own words--on your blog. What is reality to Socrates? Do you agree or dissagree?

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  1. While I was in HS I wrote my college essay and I felt the need to share a few parts of it because it deals with what we are learning.
    "As an individualist, I am inspired by great people who have been pin-pointed for their accomplishments. So, not only do I have sympathy for Socrates as he recited his "Apology" in front of 501 people and understanding for Plato's "Myth of the Cave," but I admire both philosophers. They represent what it is like to be one of a kind to strive for knowledge to become a better person, ideas that are significant to me."

    " It seems as if I was always faulted for what I thought was right, and the only person who represented everything I stand for is someone I never met. When Socrates was sentenced to death, his friend had an escape planed. Rather than Socrates dismissing his ideas and going free, he fought for what he believed in and took what came with it. He was killed. Instead of living as a coward, Socrates died bravely as a great teacher whom I admire.
    Like any good teacher, I like to share knowledge as well as to gain it. I mean, what good is learning something if you can not pass it on? The type of person I am allows me to accept the bizarre and crave the unknown. As in Plato's "Myth of the Cave," not knowing something or being taken out of the comfort of the familiar can be scary. But why live in ignorance? The expansion of my horizons broadens my outlook on the world."