Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog 8: Museum of the Moving Image

The Assignment (50 points):
My English 099 Basic Writing course in the Fall I semester of 2010 will be studying material very similar to what we study in this class. They, however, will need a very detailed introduction to the museum and it needs to be “fun.” To that end, I would like you to design a scavenger-hunt type introduction to the museum for them. It should be both fun and informative—in essence, something YOU would like to do—and it must also demonstrate that they saw, and understood, the most important elements of the museum.

1. At least 50 questions.
2. Doable in 1-2 Hours.
3. Questions ranging from simple to complex.
4. Active engagement with the museum exhibits.
5. Clear directions to follow.
6. Include all directions needed.
7. Self-guided.
8. Designed for small groups (2-3).
9. It must cover all the major exhibits as well as some of the “minor” pieces.
10. Must include the Mitchell 35mm studio camera.
11. It must be fun!


1. Fun Factor 20
2. Clarity 10
3. Coverage 10
4. Relevance 10
      TOTAL: 50

Report-out: Blog 8 
One member should type-up and post your scavenger hunt to their blog as Blog Entry 8. Please indicate WHO worked in your group. The rest of the group members should post a blog entry reflecting on the trip to the museum. What did you learn? What did you find interesting/cool? Would you go back again? Why or why not?

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