Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 4: Plan

  1. Online Calendar (demo) and New Blog Features.
  2. DFL 2.0 Pre-survey (see link).
  3. Blog problems? Links? Names?
  4. Link your blog to ALL classmates. Yes, all of them. Yes.
  5. Click "Follow" on our class blog.
  6. Word Verification Off (customize / settings / comments / word verification / never).
  7. Blogs 1-2 finish.
  8. Blog 3 finish and post (aka Essay 2 draft 1).
  9. Comment on classmates blogs 1-3 (pay particular attention to 3).
  10. Cool tool of the week: Google Calendar IMDb/com
  11. For Wednesday--Blog Entry 4: Research "Truman Syndrome" on the web. What is it? Why might people feel they are on TV? Where did you find your information? Do you think the site(s) used are trustworthy? Why or why not?
  12. For Thursday: Course review and planning the semester. Web research (in class). Community Commons (copyright).
  13. For  Next Week: buy book and bring to class.

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