Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 7 and 8: Encounter 1 & Schedule

TODAY: Blog series 1 ends today (100 points).

  1. Encounter 1 (Quiz, 25 Points): Respond to this message by using the comments button below. For full credit you must post by 9:30 (partial credit is possble afterwards, but not guaranteed). Blue Pill or red pill? Using your reading for today as the basis and The Matrix film, which pill would you choose and why? What does that choice really mean anyway? You must demonstrate that you both saw the film and have read the assignment for full credit on this encounter.  
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  5. Blog 6 Complete, ready for workshop.
  6. Read and respond to at least 4 classmates' blog 6 (essay 3). Pay particular attention to clarity of language and ideas, and sources they may have used to avoid plagiarism/copyright infringement. Your comments should be specific as to how to improve the draft.
  7. After workshop, revise your draft for evaluation. You entire blog series up to today will be evaluated by me beginning with the end of class.
  8. BLOG ENTRY 7: For your 7th blog this semester, I would like you to reflect back on the previous two weeks and write a paragraph or so where you summarize your experience in this class so far. Feel free to write whatever you like, but these questions might help you get started. What new things about literature did you learn? What new things did you learn about research? What about web tools? What have you liked so far and why? What are you still wondering about?
  9. TRIP (50 points). Find and print directions to the Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI). Plan your route. Organize your group. Get contact cell numbers from your group. Part of this assignment is to GET THERE and ON TIME.
We meet in front of the Museum of the Moving Image (11:00).

FOR THURSDAY: Matrix Readings 2 TMAF 28-40


  1. Taking the red pill would be the most logical choice after reading The Matrix Philosophy. A higher level of reality is what we should strive for as Plato would agree. The book explains how the Matrix is based on the story of Socrates and his search for the truth through questions. I want to live in reality. I want to enjoy life for what it actually is, not just through my five senses or what I believe it is. First you must “know thyself” to begin your journey to the truth that will ultimately set you free. Being a prisoner of the mind is an extremely sad thing. What is even worse is when you don’t even know it.

  2. which pill would you choose and why? What does that choice really mean anyway? You must demonstrate that you both saw the film and have read the assignment for full credit on this encounter.

    If i had the choice between the red pill or the blue pill, it would be a difficult choice.
    But personaly i would choose the Red pill.
    The red pill being the choice to see your reality for what it truely is, even if it does shatter whatever i thought i knew before. Thats the glory of the red pill, the choice of the two are symbolic, in our search for greater knowledge and a better understanding of our surroundings. I can understand the lure of the blue pill though, to just go on as it was with no questions asked, to remain blissfully unaware of what really is going on.
    As they put it in the book, i too have a splinter in my mind, and believe that our "fate" truley is in our own hands, as demonstrated by Neo himself , when he was told he was not the one, but in reality he really is. " Its like being in love, only you know its true." We are prisoners of our minds, and we have the keys, its sort of a metaphor for the red and blue pill. The matrix alludes to many stories, both famous and not to well known. To leave out the obvious (jesus) allusions, i found it twice as interesting to read the story of socrates in his quest to prove he is not the wisest man on the planet. Overall if humans are ever to be faced with a world shattering discovery, I personaly would take the "red pill".

  3. If I were to choose between the blue pill and the red pill I would definitely pick the red pill. The blue pill is the one that let's you stay in the matrix and live as you were living before and the red pill allows you to know the truth and "see just how deep the rabbit hole goes". The reason I say that I would pick the red pill is because I would rather know the truth about my life and the world around me, no matter how painful or unbelieveable it is, than live a lie in comfort. It is much like The Truman Show. Truman wanted to know the truth about the "real world" even though he had a comfortable life in a town where he was isolated from evil.

  4. I would like to say I would take the Red pill because then I would be living my actual life, but not knowing is a problem for me. One of the differences I noticed from Socrates and Neo's situtiation is that Neo had a choice to be free. I would have taken the Blue pill because I had a good life true my body and mind where not free, but I didn't know that, and the fact that in the Matrix you had proper running water, didn't have to get the same slob they called a meal from something that looked like a water pipe, and hiding from machines tells me I would be making the right choice by taking the Blue pill...has cowardly as that sounds

  5. Although I would sustain a pretty satisfactory life while unknowingly living in the Matrix, if I were exposed to the real world outside of what I thought to be "reality", I think I would choose to take the red pill. Though the blue pill represents a guaranteed but oblivious safety to my current lifestyle, taking the red pill would enable me to not only "live [in] the truest and highest reality there is", but to also help bring others into the light, to help others see what I've discovered, and to realize what we've failed to realize in solely trusting our five senses to represent the world that we live in (13).

    For Neo, his choice to be taken outside of the Matrix seemed to be inevitable; Morpheus and the others who were taken outside the Desert of the Real believed Neo to be The One. But my choice stands with the reason to be able to help others be exposed to that higher sense of reality, to be able to also see what and where we are capable of living.

  6. Red Pill. That is my choice. The reason why i choose the red pill is because I dont want to be stuck in the matrix; a preception of reality; forms(illusions of all things that are beautiful, sweet and good. The red pill represents boldness and the search for truth, and the freedom from enslavement of the human race, as Neo was chosen to do as he was freed freed from the matrix. Neo was compared to Socrates (one of my heros) in that Socrates was also the one, and they had to visit an Oracle that didnt tell them exactly what they were supposed to do but acted as a guide for them to follow and beleive in themselves. Basically find self truth. When Neo finally beleived in himself he realized "there is no spoon" and that he was "the one" as did Socrates did when he found out the irony in the fact that he was the wises man because he realized his ignorance, and the sophists did not. So as I said before the red pill would be my choice, it teaches you "all things in moderation " and self truth is key.

  7. The choice between the blue pill and the red pill would be kind of a hard decision for me to make. By taking the red pill i would be offered the truth and taken away from the world that i know, but what would that outcome be? I wouldn't truly know and its a scary thought, but i guess thats a little risk i'd be willing to take after thinking about it. The book mentioned the story of socrates and plato, of seeking greater knowledge in the world and that we truly know nothing. With that being said, taking the red pill would sound like the right choice, by learning to accept the reality of things and allowing myself to become enlightened. That would mean that i would have to let go of all that ive ever known and learned, but the outcoming possibilities of that result can be so much greater.

  8. As far down as the rabbit hole goes, I’m not sure what pill I would actually take. There are something’s I’m actually comfortable with. But then in your opinion you would say I’m stuck in the Matrix. But honestly when it comes to a belief system or religion, I would rather take the blue pill. Because like Morpheus stated, some people are just not ready and when it comes to Religion or belief system, I’m not ready. But to everything else to life, sure I’ll take the red pill, show me the truth on society on why they brain wash us to get sucked into TV Technology etc.

  9. If I was in Neo position and Morpheus gave me a option of knowing the truth, I will choose The red pill. I would want to know what is the true meaning of the matrix.The choice would mean saw me what is real and reality. The movie and reading both descried the story of the jesus, he was set on a mission which Neo did when he started to believe in the martrix.

  10. If I was Neo I would choice the blue pill as well, because here in our allusion we feel happier and safe. The reality of what is truly going on is to scary for most of us to face. The shock that Neo felt when he realize that his world was a complete lye is way to much for me to bare.Neo and Socrates both had questions that drove them. Neo question was what is the matrix,and there's a saying I know ,that never ask questions that your not prepare for the answer Morpheus job was to give Neo the question WHAT IS THE MATRIX?

  11. I would take the red pill. The way they was planning the world was ridiculous , everything was a big lie. Living in a virtual world wouldnt be such a good idea. Although the blue pill could of let me live my normal life it still would of been a mystery in my head after knowing so much. I would of tryed to figure it out myself , so why not try to figure it out with help. Like neo he didnt want to continue this life esspecially since he knew something was different , and morpheus had told him he was the one.

  12. If given the choice to take the red pill or the blue pill I would choose the red pill because it symbolizes choice and exploration. Like Socrates, Neo is tricked by an oracle into furthur exploring his reality. Both are in different situations but also very similar. Socrates sets out asking questions and ultimately finds that like Neo, he is the chosen one. The red pill would let me make a choice, using my own experience and allow me to be free. I would chooose the red pill ultimately to confirm my freedom in my own mind, and so I cannot be compared to the unexperienced and ignorant prisoners in Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

  13. Blue or Red Pill?
    If I had a choice to be in the matrix and they gave me a choice to pick either the blue or red pill. I would pick the red pill because it will give me a definition of what is the matrix. I would like to know the true meaning of the matrix & how will it benfit me and others in the world. And I wouldn't want to be stuck in a place that I really don't know about. It really doesn't make sense to take the blue pill and be in the matrix if you don't know what's it really about. It like how we all live now do we all really kknow the truth of what's going on in this country or even in this world. We all go by what we hear & watch.

  14. my choice would have to be the red pill. the only way i can grow as a person is through knowledge, and being that the matrix is a created reality there is a limit on what you can learn achieve or become. Although ignorance is said to be bliss i'd rather be miserable with the reality of my life. Socrates knew there was more to the reality of the world other than what we are presented and like Morpheus he chose to teach and enlighten others.

  15. Your responses will be scored as follows:

    5 points for posting
    5 points for a clear response/choice
    5 points for evidence that you understand the film
    10 points for evidence that your read the assignment from the book

    You will be able to locate your score in Blackboard!

  16. i will take the red pill, by taking the blue pill you are going back to your normal life the matrix. while the red pill is going to help you see the truth and realize the real world. by taking the red pill i will be a big help to save human race from this machines. so i definitely take the red pill.