Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog 10: Reflecting on Peer Critique (Due: Interaction 04/08, Blog 04/11)

Encounter 3 (25 points) and Blog Entry 10

**Students who missed class are not eligible for the 25 points but still must complete the exercise and blog 10 fir the blog entry credit. Please choose two students from the list at random to reply to.**

For this assignment, you will be responding to one student in Dr. Ximena Gallardo’s ENG099 class. The students have just completed their first draft of a paper where they describe and analyze a print ad of their choice from the website
  1. Women Trouble on the Ning: Click me and "Sign Up"
  2. Deciding who to respond to (as a class). We will each respond to two students.
  3. Go to Once on the main page, scroll down a bit so that you see the FORUM area. There, locate the discussion PAPER #2: PRINT ADS. Click on the link and locate your student’s draft. There will also be a copy of or link to the ad they are trying to describe and interpret.
  4. Read the entire draft/post. Also, take a look at the ad.
  5. Look for the ONE thing you like best about the draft, or (if nothing is great) whatever area you think has great potential. Then decide on the ONE concern you would like to see the writer work on. You might also think about whether there is an area of the draft you'd like to hear more about. Find it and ask the writer some leading questions to generate more writing. This could be an especially useful strategy if the draft is perfect and there are no concerns (an unlikely scenario since this is a first draft, but one can dream...).
  6. After you've finally decided how to focus your answer, write your response by clicking REPLY TO THIS. Start with what you like best, then follow with an explanation of the ONE concern you would like to see the student work on. Just post as yourself, a fellow student, in a friendly manner, NOT as an authority figure or someone who is ABOVE them.
  7. Repeate 4-7 as indicated for your second student.
  8. Go back to your own blog and write Blog Entry 10 entry (DUE 04/11) entitled, “Why I said what I said to (insert names of students here).” In this post, reflect on what you said to the writer and describe the process of how you arrived at your choice of the CONCERN on which to focus. Do you think that the fact that you were a stranger to the paper’s topic affected the way you responded to the draft? Why? How? Why not? (Repeat for your second student draft.) Overall, what did you learn about critiquing other people’s writing by doing this exercise?
List of Dr. Gallardo's students:
1. Howard
2. Nida
3. Johanes
4. Joshua
5. Parris
6. Johny
7. Reynaldo
8. Giselle
9. Eduardo
10. Dafney
11. Ariel
12. Hanifah
13. Kelly
14. Geaovanny
15. Cynthia
16. Barry
17. Jaquonne
18. Jessica
19. Luis
20. Yasumasa
21. Dionny

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