Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 10: Plan

  • Essay 3 (Matrix Review) grades are being posted this week. Encounter 2: Museum Visit Grades Posted this week.

  • Blog 9 (See Below)
  • Signing up for The Ning: On Thursday you will be responding to at least one student in Dr. Ximena Gallardo’s ENG099 Basic Writing class. The students have just completed their first draft of a paper where they describe and analyze a print ad of their choice from the website GenderAds.com. To sign up for the class, go to http://womantrouble.ning.com/and click on SIGN UP on the top right. Fill out the form to join the Ning. Your membership will have to be approved before you have the right to add comments. (Prof. Gallardo will approve everyone overnight).
  • Homework: Read The Matrix and Philosophy 28-40.
  • Read The Matrix and Philosophy 28-40. We will have a timed in-class essay (Essay 4) following discussion.
  • Library Introduction: We will meet in the library classroom at 9:15 (E101).
  • Online Interaction with Dr. Gallardo's ENG099
Next Week
  • Dr. Rheuban trades for Tuesday class.
  • Film Event
  • Reading: TMAF 41-52.

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