Thursday, April 15, 2010

WEEK FIVE: Encounter 4

Encounter 4 (25 points): One of the professors in our learning networks has some questions about how blogs (and etc.) can help students feel a sense of community both in and out of the classroom. I want us to be good community members and help Dr. Vasileiou out. Take a few moments and think: How has our use of Blogger helped us so far to connect as a class? What do you like about the blogs (the class blog and your own)? What have you found the most useful so far? When you are ready, CLICK HERE read Dr Vasileiou's post, Dr. Gallardo's response, and then type up your own response as a comment to Dr. Vasileiou. What do you think HE can do to help his students connect more? Be sure to introduce yourself and remember that you are writing to a professor.

Afterwards: Research Writing

Blog Entry12: TBA

Topic Suggestion: If you do not know what position to take, try proving that there is NOT more violence now than before! 

Update: Due Date Extended to 4/29.

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