Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WEEK SIX: Sunrise and Media Mid-term

Hi all and welcome to the middle of the semester! Professor Lucca has finally joined us in the blog-o-sphere. You will find the link to his blog on the right. Take a few minutes to drop by and say "Hi" and invite him to drop by your blog to see how you are doing on the mid-term. Don't forget to give him the link to your blog!

Here is the schedule for the next two weeks.
**Blog Series 2 Closes Today!**

4/20   Blog series 2 closes today. Research and Writing Sunrise (Blog 13: Post Draft/Outline, end of class)
  • Lighting
  • Special Effects
  • Camera Movement
  • Extreme Angles
  • Set Design
  • Acting Style
  • Sample Claims: 1) "In this paper I will demonstrate how lighting and acting style are used to build characterization". 2) "In this paper I will show how camera movement and extreme angles are used to portray emotion." 3) In this paper I will discuss the use of lighting and special effects to portray good and evil". 
4/21   MLA Format: Sunrise Rewrites (Blog 14)
4/22   Sunrise and Media Mid-term: Workshop and Rewrites (blog 15: Media Mid-term Report and Plan). Sunrise DUE.

4/27 Revised Media draft due (Blog 16), Workshop, Plagiarism Check.
4/28 Final Comments and Rewrites, Submit Final Draft of Media Mid-term and Post.
**Blog series 3 Evaluation.**
4/29 Film Mid-term 9:15-11:30 (Absolute last date to submit Media Paper)

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