Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blog 17: Final Project Plan and Discussion (DUE 05/11)

Blogs: Today is your last chance for revisions on Blog Series 3/4 (Sunrise, Media Mid-term, Matrix Possibility) before evaluation (200/1000 points).

Blog Entry 17: For your 17th Blog Entry this semester (Wow! 17!) I would like you to review the Final Project assignment closely. Then, 1) summarize the assignment in your own words, 2) devise a project (if you have not already done so), 3) describe the steps in detail that you will need to take to complete the project (this may be a list or outline) and then 4) look at the actual calendar for the rest of the semester and assign "due dates" for your steps. You may include Tuesday class-time as "work days" for the final project, but not Wednesday or Thursdays (I am swapping Tuesday with Thursday so we can be in E141 working on our projects. Readings will not be due on Thursdays). Take your time planning as the more time you spend now thinking through the steps the less panic you will have later.

Research Note: Your research for your project will depend on what you choose to do. But, essentially you will be reporting-out to the class on your blog at least once a week on what steps you have taken towards your goal. If you have to learn how to use movie-maker, that is research! Who did you talk to? How did you learn how to use it? any question you ask and then find an answer to is research! Keep track of it all, since that is what I will be evaluating you on.

After: When you have completed Blog 17 you should get right to work on your project. Remember, in this class you are evaluated on your blog entries for the project and your 103 grade comes entirely from the project.

Next Week

  • Monday: Research and Blog Entry 18: Weekly Research Update
  • Wednesday: NYPL Performing Arts Branch at Lincoln Center. Blog Entry 19: Report Out.
  • Thursday: Reading TMAF 205-215 (Reading Encounter 25 points, first 15 minutes of class). Blog Entry 20: Reading Response.

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