Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog 19: NYPL-Performing Arts Branch

Winning team: 20 bonus points to Final Grade! NYPL Link

The Situation:
The New York Public wants to design a series of board games or collectible card games that would be educational and fun, advertise the library, and could be sold in the gift shop. You have been assigned to come up with the concept for a game for the Performing Arts Branch at Lincoln Center.

  1. Your game cannot be a scavenger hunt.
  2. The game must be portable (take home) and NOT require a visit to the library to play. However, knowledge of the library could be a factor in playing the game well.
  3. It must be a board game or collectible card game (or equivalent).
  4. You are writing a concept piece that describes how the game would work, what it would look like and etc.
  5. Any illustrations you can devise (box art, sample card, etc.) will help but are not required.
  1. Explore the library to get a sense of what all there is to see.
  2. Make a list of cool or interesting things or places that you might want to include in your game.
  3. As a group, come up with a concept.
  4. Come up with a cool title for your game.
  5. Devise any illustrations.
  6. Post Blog 19 (Homework)
Blog 19: Report Out
  • All Group members must post a blog entry
  • All group members must list the members of their group in the title of their blog
  • One member of the group posts the Game Concept and any illustrations AND adds a poll (we will do this last bit in class)
  • Other group members report out on how the assignment went, what you learned about the library, and etc.
FOR NEXT TIME: Reading TMAF 205-215 (Reading Encounter 25 points, first 15 minutes of class). Blog Entry 20: Reading Response. BRING YOUR BOOK TO CLASS (Electronic Copy OK)!

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