Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Telecommute 05/05 10:30-12:30 (25 points)

Happy Cinco de Mayo for all you Pueblanos out there!

The telecommute will be on the Ning. There you will need to "sign up" (upper right hand corner after you click below) for the Ning to particpate. If you have used the Ning before you may just sign-in. This will be an expereimental combination of assignments and live discussions. You should have completed the reading prior to discussion. This assignment will be evaluated on the level of participation (amount) and the quality of participation (critical thinking). You should participate in ALL of the discussions repeatedly during the two hours. it is often best to rotate between them. I will be monitoring all of the discussions occasionally, as well as hanging out in the "Chat" area. Addtionally, you may add discussion topics yourself using the "Start Discussion" button on the "Main" page.

Remember: 1) You should think of these as discussions and not simple "blog entries". The back and forth really adds up to cool ideas. 2) Feel free to cruise the web in the background for help with some of these, but cite your sources if you use them! 3) If you think someone is not thinking as logically and critically as they could, call them on it! The point is for us to collectively, as a class, to really think about some of the philosophical issues surrounding the film, The Matrix.

To get started: Click Me! and click "Sign Up" in the upper right hand corner.

P.S. Some professors from other classes may be lurking or even post, so don't be too shocked if there are a few people you don't immediately recognize!

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