Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Entry 16 and Workshop: "The Matrix Possibility" (DUE 05/04)

Reading: Nixon's "The Matrix Possibility" Matrix 28-40. If you DO NOT have your own copy of this reading, go to the library, pick up the copy from the front desk (you will have to share if there are more than one of you) and photocopy it.

Blog Entry 16: Pick up you in-class essay and type it up as a blog entry making any and all necessary changes. You SHOULD use your book, The Matrix and Philosophy, to include evidence in support of your position and to show that you read and understood the text, or at least are working through his ideas. The prompt is: Are you, or could you, be living in the Matrix? How would you know?

Workshop: When you have finished, leave feedback to at least THREE classmates using the following questions (you may but and paste this over). Do NOT leave feedback for anyone who has had three responses already unless you have already responded to three others--meaning everyone should get some commentary. 
  1. What has the author done well? What stands out to the reader?
  2. Is the draft complete? What needs to be done today to get it up to speed by the end of class?
  3. Does the draft conform to the assignment? Why or why not?
  4. Has the author stated a clear CLAIM (Opinion)? What is it?
  5. Does the author have REASONS to support their claim?
  6. Does the author use direct quotations and summaries as EVIDENCE for the CLAIM?
  7. Is the language clear? What problems do you see?

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