Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Entry 23: Week Eleven! Sleep Dealer

Step 1: Take the Survey! (you DO NOT have to create an account with Survey Monkey at the end. That is just an ad).

Step 2: Workshop ENG 102 (Encounter 7, 25 points): We will be helping my ENG102 students today with their final projects (Blog 13). I will assign each of you 2 students to respond to. Copy the questions below and then follow the link to ENG102 blog to locate your assigned students. Paste the questions in the comment window. Be sure to say "Hi, I am . . . " and give detailed responses. You are responding to Blog Entry 13. Here is the link.

  1. What has the author done well? What stands out to the reader?
  2. Is the draft complete? What needs to be done today to get it to the next level by the end of class?
  3. Is the discussion of the work detailed? Can you “see” what is happening in the story?
  4. Is the language clear? What problems do you see?
  5. Does the author cite their sources properly (everyone should at least cite their story)? If in doubt, Google search a few passages.

Step 3: Read TMAPhil 216-224.

Step 4: Blog Entry 23 (Due 5/25): What are Danahay and Reider's main arguments (their claims)? What sort of reasons and evidence do they use for support? Do you agree or disagree?

Step 5: As time allows: Work on media final, film, final, or blog revisions for final evaluation.

Next Time: Sleep Dealer. This film will start precisely at 10:30! If you miss it, you will not be able to write the in-class essay on Thursday, nor pass in the final in-class essay next week. This film is NOT widely available.

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