Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week Nine: Continued

  1. Complete Blog Entry 19: NYPL (see below)
  2. Respond to classmates' games design (optional) with suggestions for improvement. An outside game expert will be reviewing your game concept next week. The winner gets 20 bonus points.
  3. Participate in "Penetrating Keanu" discussion in the telecommute (25 points, closes at the end of class). You must demonstrate that you actually read the text in order to ask questions about it! CLICK HERE.
  4. Complete Blog Entry 20: “Penetrating Keanu” (above)
  5. Work on Media Final
  6. Work on Film Final
Homework--Read TMAF 216-224 (for Tuesday), Existenze (film, Wednesday), Thursday TBA. Next Week: Sleep Dealer.

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