Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Entry 25: Final Reflective Essay (DUE 6/9)

Final Blog
For your final blog entry this semester, I would like you to write a reflective essay where you think back over the course of the semester and what you have learned in this cluster (and not just this class). You may want to use your own blog entries as the basis. What were your conceptions of what the cluster would be about? What did you learn? What connections did you make? There is no set format for this essay, but you may want to review this extended definition of a reflective essay: CLICK ME. 

6/14 You must submit your final project to me in some format where I can see it (link, hardcopy, disc, etc.).

6/14 You must complete and submit to me your Peer Evaluations Sheets.

6/14 All work must be completed. No work will be accepted after 3pm under any conditions.

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